MARCXELL FINANCE is a French platform of participatory finance Micro Projects Agency. MARCXELL FINANCE fits into the logic of development assistance to project developers, this is a free complementary financing tools for associations with.

We define ourselves as "incubators of innovative and solidarity initiative".

Indeed all the actions of support to associations of carriers Micro Projects and financial support provided by AMP allows us to bring in additional participatory finance platform.

Project holders can benefit from increased visibility and donations from the public, patrons or companies. The aim is to supplement the sources of funding but also to showcase the project by giving it greater visibility by various levers:
A page dedicated to each project and scalable allowing holders to make their content a day secured bank payment system to raise funds.
Increase the visibility of the holders with respect to the general public and businesses with premium highlighted.
A connection to social networks of carriers, the public of the Agency and donors.
A strong relationship between projects, our events and appropriate activities.
Regular newsletters, to porters, our contact lists, donors who wish to learn more.
A discussion forum to exchange and make the collaborative space by sharing experiences.

MARCXELL FINANCE is an association registered under the W75739342404 number.

The goal is to bring a dynamic network of donors involved in the development of international solidarity micro-projects supported by international associations.

The president of the association is Mr. Kamin Marcxell John and treasury, Mr. Jerome Longelin.

Donations are donated directly to the carriers project associations.

Reminder role of the Agency for Micro Projects NGO MARCXELL FOUNDATION:
The Micro-Projects Agency our company assists small and medium French organizations by providing methodology, funding and expertise in setting up projects.
International solidarity micro-projects through their local presence and diversity of their actions, are an important asset in their capacity to meet the basic needs of people.