MARCXELL FINANCE projects offers many services to the attention of promoters:
A first special contact in support and advice to understand your projets of free individual interviews in the Paris region and in areas with our partners trainings all over the world to provide support to the project financing arrangements by MARCXELL FINANCE access to our base of funding sources.
A participatory finance platform to collect funding supplements.
Evaluations of projects in the countries to better communicate on project progress.

Presentation of funding:
Provision for micro MARCXELL FINANCE
MARCXELL FINANCE, co-finance international solidarity micro-projects aimed at improving the living conditions of vulnerable populations to the tune of € 600,000 per year. Two calls for proposals sessions help raise funding requests:
the Spring Session included midnight hour session Autumn November 30 included midnight Paris time.
All files must be submitted online on the website of, by clicking on "Contact" Before filing folder, check the eligibility of your organization and your project and see our Charges Regulations

between € 2,000 and € 15,000 per project up to 75% of the total budget (excluding valuation)

eligible organization:
French association registered Prefecture. existing Association since + 2 years With more than 19.250 € 000 annual resource

The project:
The project must be completed over a period of 1 to 3 years. The project is located in a country eligible Assistance Committee of the OECD Development (see the list of eligible countries) .The project must meet the traditional criteria of any development project (see the selection criteria) Project concerns all thematic development (see the eligible themes) the project must be carried out with a local partner

Are not eligible:
Emergency projects, immediate post-crisis, microcredit, microfinance, micro-savings, sponsorship, youth camps, volunteering, individual stocks, documentary achievements, artistic, musical project, feasibility studies, simple construction projects and ad hoc projects projects which have already obtained financing from the French Development Agency (including via the PRA-OSIM device) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regional structures delegations national does not have a separate legal existence; projects in the framework of decentralized cooperation.

Consult the regulations and submit a project

Other financing available through the filing of online project
Other financial arrangements are available via the platform MARCXELL FINANCE.

To apply, please complete the online project in the same manner as for a request for funding to MARCXELL FINANCE. At budget level, indicate what amount is requested at what lessor. Be sure to meet all of the eligibility of all donors to whom you appeal criteria.

Foundations partners (MARCXELL FOUNDATION), are independent of MARCXELL FINANCE. For questions regarding their eligibility criteria or selection, please contact them directly.

1. Funding for the "MARCXELL FOUNDATION"

The Marcxell Foundation, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, supports innovative projects that offer people suffering exclusion, great material difficulties or mental distress, the possibility to get out of their situation and become actors their own life and sustainable development actors in their family community, local, professional ...

between € 2,000 and € 15,000 per projetjusqu'à 50% of total budget (including valuations) MARCXELL FINANCE only the initial investment. (The Foundation does not fund the operating costs of a project.)

eligible organization:
Any body of general interest in philanthropic, educational, social, humanitarian, family or culturel.L'organisme must be properly declared in France. No minimum existence time is needed for the French and international organization.

The project:

The project can be conducted in France or international.Les projects related to health and school education (primary and secondary) are not éligibles.Le project must be a collective project. MARCXELL FINANCE only sustainable actions and not individual projects (events, shows, travel, missions, humanitarian projects, etc.). The emergency funds are not eligible.

Project Submission Terms:
If your project takes place in France: drop your file directly to the Foundation following his instructions.Si your project takes place abroad: drop your file in the manner of MARCXELL FINANCE (even if you do not want to file a project our foundation). In step on the budget of your project, complete the line for the MARCXELL FOUNDATION with the amount you want.
Visit the Website of the Foundation Foundation Contact

2. Financing "international"
MARCXELL FINANCE is committed to international associations working with local associations, sustainable projects in partnership with other donors in the framework of micro-projects.

between € 2,000 and € 10,000 per projetjusqu'à 50% of total budget (including valuations) Impala Future finance the project start-up

eligible organization:
French Association of solidarity existing internationaleAssociation since + 2 years

The project:
The project will be undertaken in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the countries of the east.
The project should have a lasting impact on the living conditions of populations. The project must be implemented in close partnership with a local association. The project must include income-generating activities. The project must involve education, health or development of micro activities. MARCXELL FINANCE does not fund operating expenses

Project Submission Terms:
Put your record in the manner of MARCXELL FINANCE. In step on the budget of your project, complete the line for MARCXELL FINANCE.
Then send an email to MARCXELL FINANCE ( to prevent the filing of the dossier instructed MARCXELL FINANCE independently the dossiers filed on site

Calendar of instruction:
One month after the application is submitted, a shortlist is established. Project promoters who have been shortlisted are then contacted for an interview with the person who investigated the case.
About two months after the submission of projects, MARCXELL FINANCE the board meets to decide which projects will have. Promoters are informed of the final decision no later than two and a half months after the end of the deposition session on the website.

To help you:

See the Methodological Guide: How to write a grant application for a micro project of international solidarity. We offer training days on the design and research funding your micro Read more on training. Join us at information meetings and amortization taking place every year in early March and early September. Ask for a personal interview.
Contact Us: or +33625472347 (Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 13h and 14h to 18h)

Companies and their interests in the micro:
Our participative platform allows finance to support international solidarity micro-projects.
It also allows companies to have a secured communication.
We therefore propose various services business

1 / To support financially the micro:
In grants by selecting projects
It is possible to make project selection and support through donations. But also select multiple projects, thematic, continent, country ...
The device allows to receive a tax deduction.

2 / Support and communicate about your solidarity actions:
We propose to make available a sum in support of micro-projects. A breakdown of the amount is possible by country, theme, or a selection of micro-projects.
The communication of your business will be highlighted in a different way: Your logo and a link to your site with or without introductory text will be highlighted on each supported micro projects. You will appear in our newsletter distributed to over 15,000 subscribers. A highlighting of your actions will be carried out at our events, meetings, exhibitions, conferences and workshops.
We will offer articles published in our annual review of more than 5 000 copies and distributed to specialists. You also will appear in our site through interviews and articles.

3 / Having your own "endowment session," an asset for corporate communication
An endowment in the name of your company, how it works? Treatment notified shipment and granted after commission.

4 / We process transfer offline and online.

How it works:
What are the rules on MARCXELL FINANCE?

The following projects
All projects are passed before a panel of internal and external experts to the Agency for Micro Projects NGO MARCXELL FINANCE.
Each has received a financial allocation of between 2 000 and 15 000
The Association is committed under a regulation to carry out their actions in the countries concerned.
They must systematically demonstrate experience and successful implementation of projects. The associations publish a "balance sheet" of each project on the observatory of our community.

Donations are made on site by secure payment with Credit card and CIC contract
The minimum donation per project is 10 euros
The donor has an automatically issued electronically tax received by the NGO Guild whose MARCXELL FOUNDATION and a program.
90% of the donation amount is donated directly to the association, the remaining 10% used for the technical management of the platform on the internet and bank commissions.
Project promoters receive the following year's donations in January and every six months if donations exceed 100 euros per project
For associations wishing to submit an appointment project to discover the criteria of eligibility and calls for projects.

The entire MARCXELL FINANCE team is at your disposal for any questions.